Skilled Labourer-BHP




Position: Skilled Labourer

Project Type: Industrial

Project Location: Jansen, SK

Shift: 10 hrs.

Schedule: 14/7

Accommodations: Camp

Travel Details: Shuttle offered from Regina or Saskatoon 

GC: Graham

Allied Partner: JCL Constructors Inc.
Reference number:16045


Jardeg is currently recruiting for Skilled Labourers to join the team currently constructing the BHP Jansen Potash Project, located approximately 140km east of Saskatoon.


Duties & Responsibilities:


Labourers will primarily patch, chip, and demolish concrete, and will assist carpenters with formwork installations. Other duties may include:

  • Identify and report hazardous or unsafe areas.
  • Follow direction.
  • Demonstrates understanding of hand signals.
  • Demonstrates protocol for using radios.
  • Use vibrating machine to level.
  • Rake and level concrete.
  • Hold and aim hose from pump truck.
  • Bush hammer.
  • Green cutting with water.
  • Set up propane heaters.
  • Set up scaffolding.
  • Prepare for each task.
  • Organize equipment and supplies.
  • Attend safety meetings.
  • Identify necessary tools.
  • Dewatering
  • Traffic control (cleaning delineation, set up delineation, flagging
  • Remove snow from roofs.
  • Fuel equipment
  • Set up fueling equipment.
  • Running packers, trampers, compacter or jumping jack.
  • Organizing materials into categories - reusable, recycle or garbage.
  • Recognize hazardous materials.
  • Remove scaffolding.
  • Remove slabs.
  • Remove piers, columns, stairs and abutments.
  • Blowing out forms.
  • Install safety fences and railings.
  • Identify appropriate tools for necessary task.
  • Handle all power tools.
  • Read tape measure.
  • Use, skill saw, drills, sawzall, concrete vibrator, compressor, jackhammer in a safe manner.
  • General housekeeping


Non-technical Requirements:


  • Willingness to learn.
  • Positive attitude.




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