Millwright Journeyperson - CNRL Albian Maintenance


Fort McMurray, AB, CA


Position: Millwright Journeyperson - CNRL Albian Maintenance 

Project Type:Maintenance

Project Location: CNRL Albian 

Shift: Day 

Schedule: 7 days on, 7 days off 

Accommodations: Camp

Travel Details: Fly to and from site

GC: Graham

Allied Partner: Heartland Constructors Inc.

Reference Number: 24365 



Jardeg is currently recruiting a Millwright Journeyperson to join the Heartland Constructors Inc. team at the CNRL Albian site near Fort McMurray, Alberta.

Experience the excitement of a fly-in, fly-out role, with charter flights conveniently arranged from either Calgary or Edmonton. Embrace a well-balanced routine through a 7-days on and 7-days off rotation, where each workday spans 12-hours, including two 30-minute breaks (one paid and one unpaid). 


This is a permanent role starting as soon as possible. If you're eager to make your mark as part of a dynamic team in a challenging yet rewarding environment, this is your chance to shine.

As a Millwright with Heartland Constructors, you'll have the opportunity to apply your expertise in assembling complex machinery, conducting meticulous maintenance, swiftly resolving issues, and devising innovative solutions. Your contribution will directly impact the efficiency, productivity, and safety of our maintenance team, ensuring that machinery functions as the backbone of their operations.

Your responsibilities encompass a wide range of tasks, showcasing your expertise and versatility. While not limited to these, your key duties include:


•    Analyzing diagrams, schematic drawings, and service manuals to strategize effective work procedures.
•    Skillfully utilizing rigging equipment and dollies to precisely position heavy machinery and components.

•    Applying your mechanical mastery to perfectly fit bearings, align gears and shafts, attach motors, and intricately connect couplings and belts to achieve impeccable tolerances.

•    Rigorously aligning and meticulously testing equipment, and promptly making any necessary adjustments to guarantee optimal functionality.
•    Employing predictive and operational procedures to proactively assess equipment performance.
•    Swiftly addressing issues by repairing or replacing defective parts, ensuring the continued smooth operation of machinery.
•    Demonstrating your proficiency in servicing and repairing hydraulic, pneumatic and mechanical systems, crucial for operational excellence.
•    Contributing your fabrication skills and efficiently managing an inventory of replacement parts for seamless operations.


Your role as a Millwright demands a meticulous eye for detail and the aptitude to interpret technical diagrams with precision. Proficiency in managing robust machinery and materials is paramount, while your adeptness in assembling and maintaining intricate mechanical systems is vital for operational success. Your unwavering commitment to safety and precision guarantees that machinery and equipment are installed and maintained to the highest standards of quality and dependability.


•    Valid Millwright Journeyperson certification or equivalent.
•    Proven experience in the installation, maintenance, repair, and troubleshooting of industrial machinery.
•    Proficiency in interpreting diagrams, schematic drawings, and service manuals.

•    Demonstrated precision in fitting bearings, aligning gears and shafts, and connecting mechanical components.
•    Familiarity with hydraulic and pneumatic systems servicing and repair.
•    Ability to manage an inventory of replacement parts effectively.
•    Strong problem-solving abilities and attention to detail.
•    Commitment to workplace safety and compliance with industry regulations.
•    Physical aptitude for lifting and maneuvering heavy objects.
•    Excellent communication and teamwork skills.


Minimum Requirements

•    Common Safety Orientation (CSO) or CSTS-09.
•    Energy Safety Canada Certified Confined Space Entry & Monitor.
•    Energy Safety Canada Certified Fall Arrest and/or Fall Protection.
•    Basic Rigging Certification.
•    Aerial Work Platform (AWP).
•    Valid Government Issued Identification.


Diversity and inclusion are core values in our workforce. Submit your application, highlighting relevant experience and suitability for the role. While all applications are appreciated, only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.




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